Meet Our Instructors

Annie Hermanson

I am very proud to introduce my daughter, Andrea' Hermanson, AKA Annie, to the quilt world, but just as excited to introduce the quilt word to Annie!  Annie has been published on two separate occasions in Prims Magazine and has been a self taught artist for most of her life.    As a small child her ability to create artful things was remarkable.  Annie established Chickadee Primitives where she offers her handmade goods and paintings to the Primitive world.  Today she offers her talents to all  who inspire to create artful things by so willingly  offering her tips and techniques to all who inspire to learn them.  Her classes are one of our most popular offered at the shop.  She makes it fun and is able to bring out the creativity in all.   Ready to try inspiring yourself to create a work of art?  Check out her class schedule below.  We would love to have you join us.  
  I have provided the link to her site here:

Lucie Satkowski
 Lucie teaches intermediate to advanced quilting with a focus on helping anyone that has an interest in perfecting their quilting.  She has been teaching at the shop for 6+ years now and has become our "go to girl" for problems and techniques.  Her quilting abilities are countless and she strives for perfection when teaching her students.  If you're serious about perfect seams, perfect cutting and piecing and perfect quilts, than Lucie will most definitely help you achieve that goal.
Lucie has perfected the art of Turned Machine Applique that has become one of the most popular classes we offer and now offers this class to guilds and groups as well.
 Lucie offers Long-arm Quilting services.   

Donna Zienowicz
Donna's expertise with first time quilters is remarkable.  Her patience and calm demeanor makes it fun and easy to learn.  Her classes focus on helping anyone that has ever had an interest in quilting, has done a small amount of quilting or simply want to have fun in a group setting to learn new techniques and fun projects.  Donna has been teaching at the shop for nearly 5 years now and has become our "Sunday Funday Girl".  Donna hosts our  Open Sew Sundays.
 Donna offers finished quilts for sale as well as commission work.

Your Shopkeepers
" Instructor For The Day"
Sheila Chabot
Although officially the owner of the Meeting House most days I feel more like a student myself. My expertise comes from a background in sewing and design and I have only been quilting for a little over 6 years now.  In my career as a designer and clothing manufacturer I designed and produced the very first pair of pull on Horseback Riding Tights in the world,  "Sport Rider" which were sold throughout the world.  While having to keep production steady I learned so much about the sewing world and have put that knowledge to work in the quilting world.  I have had a lot of experience with different machines and usually can identify problems easily relating to most commercial machines.     I am happy to offer design serves as well.

Irene Rose

Irene has been quilting for many years and is patient and eager to help.  She is also your Shopkeeper on most weekends and will be the instructor for the day in many cases.  Irene is all about making sewing and quilting fun and she is always eager to share new ideas and inspiration.
 Irene also offers hand binding serves as well.