Beginner Quilt and Sew

Beginner Quilt Class   It's never to early and it's never to late to start quilting.  Quilting is a hobby that creates heirlooms that family and friends will cherish for a lifetime.  In our Beginner quilting class you will learn to how to set up your machine for quilting, how to safely use a rotary cutter,  and how to sew a perfect 1/4" seam, all fundamentals of quilting.  After that, you are on your way to more specific quilting classes that teach piecing and finishing techniques.  If you've never quilted before, or simply inspire to try, check out the schedule below for upcoming beginner quilting classes.   All of our other classes require you have completed this prerequisite class or have knowledge of the fundamentals of quilting listed above.    Class fee $25.00

Check our 2017 class schedule for dates and times of your Beginner Classes.
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