Beginner Step By Step Learning

Step By Step 
Meeting House has developed a perfect way to help you begin quilting in your own environment and at your own pace.  Each Saturday we will offer our new private Step By Step program where you can come into the shop and we will guild you, step by step, to create a quilt of your choice.  We will help from start to finish, selecting a pattern, then your fabrics, setting up your machine, cutting your fabrics, stitching your blocks and finishing your quilt.  Then you can take your project home and work on it without pressure.  Make a mistake?  No problem.  We all do.  We will show you how to fix it.  We started this 2 years ago and have had such great success!  It's truly the perfect way to begin quilting and get you ready for more advanced work.  So don't hesitate any longer.  Start Quilting!  
$10 Per Session   Appointment needed.