2017 BOM Programs

4 New BOM programs coming soon!
Starts November 2017

We have designed our new BOM quilt patterns using the complete collects by these amazing fabric designers.  We will post just as soon as our samples are complete!

Stars On My Cabin
Start To Finish
Batting, Backing and Binding Included
12 Months  $39.95 per month

Civil War Legacy

3 Sisters  "Courtyard Collection"
61" X 71"
Using the pattern civil War Legacy Sampler by Kaye England
12 Months  $24.95 per month


Jo Morton "Gratitude Collection"
60" X 60"
Using Jo's very first line produced by Moda 
12 Months  $28.95 per month

Prairie Home
Jan Patek  "Fern Hill Collection"
67" X 67"
Prairie Home Sampler
12 Months  $26.95 per month

Why would you want to participate in a block of the month?

BOM programs allow the quilter to make quilts that are complex in colorway and design that would otherwise be a challenge and costly.  Most BOM programs that we organize st the Meeting House are our own exclusive colorway. We believe that, like each individual quilter, the quilts need to be individual to our shop.  We specialize in reproductions but our focus is really on New England Colonial fabrics.

Some of the benefits of participating in BOM programs!

Fabrics are carefully hand selected making sure to provide plenty of interest, coordination and a quality overall appearance which appear in our quilts! We provide ample fabricfor your project.  With  block-of-the month programs you'll be surprised at how much fabric variety you will receive without having to purchase a large quantity of fabric. 

BOM programs make it an affordable way to create a quilt of this size with low monthly payments. Each of our BOM programs include all instructions and more than enough fabric to complete the entire quilt top.
BOM Sewcials!  Our BOM sewcials are designed so you get to know us better and we can get to know you better, We will share ideas and techniques and even maybe even leave with a few new friends!  We meet the first Saturday of each month and celebrate the conclusion of your journey with a huge in-store gathering to show off your work and get to meet others that participate.

A great deal to take advantage of from Lakeview Quilting who offers 15% discount for all our BOM Programs.

Finally, We are always here to help!  We want you to be successful in your B.O.M. If you make a mistake in cutting, please know you can call us and we will see how we can best help you!   Stuck on a block?  Just drop in and one of us will be more than happy to help! 

We want you to enjoy the process and be proud of the quilt you accomplish.  As the shop keeper I can only assure you that I do my best.  I hope you trust in us enough to participate in one of the many to come Block Of The Month programs at the Meeting House. 
                                                                                                                   Your Shop Keeper ~ Sheila

Check out some of our previous BOM programs

Come On To My House ROM
Starts March 15th,  2016
 This quilt is spectacular!  Each month you will receive the fabrics need to complete one of seven rows that make up.this quilt. Each row consists of 7 individual blocks throughout.   In October you will receive the borders.  Because the quilt is designed using scraps we have selected the fabrics for this quilt in a scrappy colorway.  We've selected a lot of Kansas Troubles for this quilt and added a few teal and salmon fabrics for pop.  This is a great 8 month project for anyone inspired to create this quilt.  Each month you will receive fabrics to complete one row.  You will follow the pattern provided.  A sample of this quilt is hanging in the shop for you to come check out.  
March thru November 2016            Monthly Fee  $42.50
Farm Girl Vintage Sampler
March Thru November 2016            Monthly Fee  $24.95

Join Meeting House Quilters for our Farm Girl Vintage Block-of-the-Month! This is definitely a sampler project that will make you happy! Each month for the next 8 months we will introduce six new blocks. Finished blocks measure 6”.  In Month 9 you will receive the sashing and cornerstones. Month 10 you will receive your border fabrics. The quilt will finish at 62-1/2" x 76-1/2".

Take advantage of this offer!  Lakeview Quilting offers a 15% discount on quilting service for this BOM. 

This B.O.M can be picked up at the shop or mailed for $5.50 extra per month.  Blocks will be available for pick up the 15th of each month. If we are mailing your BOM we will charge your credit card on the 15th ans ship on the following day. 

 Need help with your block?  No problem.  Just stop by for free help!   Each month you will receive instruction on putting the blocks together. Your fee will include the fabric for 48 blocks, the Farm Girl Vintage book, sashing, cornerstones and borders.  BOM Sewcials are free and are scheduled on the 3rd Saturday of the month!  A perfect time to show off your work or get help if your stuck.

March Blocks 1-6, April Blocks 7-12, May Blocks 13-18, June Blocks 19-24, July Block 25-30, August Blocks 31-36, September Blocks 37-42 October Blocks 43-48, November Sashing, Cornerstones and December you will receive your Borders.
Mystery Of Christmas Sampler
Starts March 15, 2016
Block #1
How appropreate!  We are starting Our Mystery Christmas Sampler Quilt with the Country Church block.  The original was designed by one of our very good friends here at Meeting House, Wendy Skillman.  Wendy wrote the BOM program for a shop in New Jersey in 1994.  We have redesigned the quilt using our Colonial Colorway style.  We selected a taupe background and mixed  deep reds, greens, mustard, charcoal and creams to recreate the quilt to New England Colonial style.  The quilt blocks are designed for the new quilter and although we love the original, we are very excited to create our original version of this amazing Christmas quilt!   Each month from March until September you will receive instruction and fabrics to complete the blocks for this quilt. In October you will receive the sashing and borders.  The quilt will be completed in time for Christmas 2016.  The mystery is in the making!  Check back for new block updates!
March thru November 2016            Monthly Fee  $22.95


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